Building Maintenance
We insure preventive and corrective maintenance providing a series of integrated services, which assure the facilities function. 
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Maintenance and Engineering
Being specialized in refurbishment and reconstruction of buildings, our concern is quality, labor safety and the environment, which are always part of all the works we do. 
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Sustainable Refurbishment includes technical capacity, know-how, resources, and experience of the many working areas of OPENLINE.
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Energy Rehabilitation
OPENLINE develops this activity in an integrated way, adapting electromechanical systems and surroundings, canceling thermal bridges, moist existence, spans thermal performance.
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Electromechanical Installation
We apply Know-How and last generation equipment, ensuring high quality services. 
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OPENLINE offers their clients Wirelles Sensors Network and collection Platforms, data handling and management solutions that allow increasing services efficiency and needs satisfaction in scale.
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Energy, Environment and Services
With wider expertise for the support of Water, Gas and Electricity sectors we offer specialised support and installations services. 
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Openline . Social responsibility project
With izicity report immediately and in an easy way to the county any problem you detect in the city!

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