Building Maintenance
We insure preventive and corrective maintenance providing a series of integrated services, which assure the facilities function. We promote the assistance, repair inspection and control of all buildings equipment.

Integrated Global Maintenance:

> Electricity
> Voice and Data Structured Networks
> General and Specialized Mechanics
> Metalwork
> Plumbing
> Automation
> Centralized Technical Management
> Transformer Startion
> Emergency Generators Groups
> Hotel Equipments
> Video Surveillance - CCTV
> Intrusion Detection - CDI
> Fire Detection and Fight - SADI
> Hydro-boost Stations
>Treatment and Control Systems for Swimming-pools AVAC Maintenance 

Production Units for Cold and Hot Water - Chiller's and Heat Pumps

>Thermal Power Plant - Steam Boilers and Generators
>Circulating Pumps and Fluid Netwoks
Air Treatment Units - UTA's
> Fan Convectors and Ventilators
> Direct Expansion Systems - Split, Multisplit, VRV e Rooftop
> Aerolic Networks - Conduits Check and Hygienization
> Indoor Air Quality - QAI Parameters Evaluation

The maintenance procedures are performed by experienced technicians. In the HVAC area, technicians are accurately accredited by ADENE. TRF - Responsible Technician for Functioning, TIM2 and TIM3 - Installers and Maintenance Technicians and TQAI - Indoor Air Quality Technician in agreement to Portuguese Legislation (RSECE).

Factors such as acquired experience, available scale economies, complementarity offer, synergies and mobilization ability for resources, positioning OPENLINE as an active and valuable operator in new partnerships development field.

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