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OPENLINE has been growing in a sustainable way and nowadays is an important economical group operating in the rehabilitation, maintenance and efficiency of buildings. The path we have gone through was made with ambition and determination in the pursuit of creating value, organization and development. Today, this allows us to offer positively the best solutions to the market. We care a great deal about everyone's wellbeing, therefore we invest in quality, collaborators development, engagement with our partners stimulating team work, open to changes, creativity and total commitment.

We are driven to reach good achievements and to improve our competitive positions in the markets we operate, strengthening our huge commitment to raise trust and a suitable growth. We strive constantly to surmount traditional methods of doing business, overstepping barriers in the way of thinking and acting. We are a group where innovation is praised and optimism is inherent to our way of thinking and operating.
J. Martins Oliveira
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