Retrospective of Competency Development
As the training is a fundamental pillar to guarantee the competitiveness and growth of any organization, the Openline Group will continue to make a clear commitment in this direction in the coming years, investing in the development of current and future competences of our employees, ensuring that they are aligned with the needs of the market.


In 2018, the Openline Group invested more than +1,000 training hours in its employees, translating into a total of + 40 days.

The training plan of the group was based on two training pillars: in the technical area and in the behavioral area.
The training activities in the technical area had a greater weight in 2018, representing about 80% of the total training plan.

The most important areas covered were: Management, Legislation and Norms, Maintenance, Quality and Safety, Human Resources, Marketing, Information System, Teamwork and Information Technology.


The investment in the development of its Human Capital will be the great differentiator of the Openline Group with the competition and the market in general. To this end, an ambitious and extensive training plan will be implemented in 2019, which focuses on the continuous improvement of the qualification and qualification of its employees.

This commitment to the development of the skills of its employees goes far beyond regulatory and legal obligations, aware that the investment in its Human Capital and its return is a differentiating factor and prevailing in the current context.
It is also a clear value in the future, guaranteed through the recognition of the quality and satisfaction of our employees, customers and partners, reinforcing our market leadership.
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