Museum Ateliê António Carneiro

  • Cultural Buildings

  • Porto

The rehabilitation work at Ateliê António Carneiro, an investment by the Porto City Council in the amount of 648 thousand euros, provides for the recovery of the original design, which dates back to the 1920s.

The intervened space assumes a main exhibition gallery and two ateliers with more than 500 square meters, a garden, a terrace and a patio.

All facades, both of the building itself and of the walls that delimit the garden and courtyard, will be preserved, thus ensuring the conservation of the architectural elements that characterize it and the urban image of this area of the city.

In this project, in charge of Openline, it is worth highlighting the execution of a structure in CLT, Cross Laminated Timber (or Madeira Lamelada Colada Cruzada, in Portuguese), in the form of panels, which can be used as slabs, roofs and load-bearing walls.