28 November 2022

Brasília Shopping Center Requalification

The Brasília Shopping Center, in Porto, opened its doors in 1976 and is the oldest shopping center in the Iberian Peninsula. It was, in Portugal, not only the first Shopping Centre, but also the first building open to the public, with escalators.

It featured a cinema room (Charlot) with capacity for more than 400 people, several clubs, bars and stores of the most renowned brands, quickly becoming such a huge and unique phenomenon for its time that tours were made throughout the country and Spain to visit it.

The Brasília Shopping Center will now undergo requalification works, in an investment of more than half a million euros, which will be done by Openline.

For Openline to participate in another project of great interest to the city of Porto is a source of great pride. Being responsible for these emblematic projects motivates us to do more and better.