1 July 2021

Requalification of the Pergola da Foz at Porto

The requalification work on the Pérgola da Foz has been concluded.

Our intervention aimed at reclassifying the emblematic building, designed in 1930, by repairing the concrete structure of the Pergola and the entire balcony, namely the concrete balusters, as well as ramps and stairs for access to the beaches, from Jardim dos Ingleses to the Esplanada do Molhe.

Some places were in a poor state of conservation and were protected for security reasons.

With about 1km of intervention area, the works began in early January and were subject to unfavorable weather conditions.

The requalification work on the Pergola da Foz at Porto has been concluded.

We are motivated to return to the city the aura of other times that this charismatic place transports.