Quality Policy
Politica de Qualidade
OPENLINE undertakes to provide efficiency and conservation solutions for buildings, acting according to the principle of improving its management system implemented, encouraging and involving all employees, and meeting the following main requirements:

> Satisfying customer needs in line with their expectations, promoting their loyalty by correctly interpreting their wishes and encouraging a spirit of mutual trust;
> Consolidation of the company's competitiveness strategy through notoriety, sustained growth in turnover and profitability;
> Prevention of respect for the environment, including pollution prevention, energy efficiency and occupational safety and health, eliminating hazards, reducing risks, promoting consultation and participation of workers and preventing injury, injury and damage to health , avoiding accidents and improving methods;
> Compliance with all requirements, including applicable legal, regulatory and other compliance obligations;
> Plan the allocation of resources and provide adequate resources to each situation;
> Privilege teamwork and ensure understanding of policy and objectives in order to support a proactive culture, preventive action in the company and development of innovative solutions.
> To satisfy the profitability requirements of the capital employed.

Top Management is committed to demanding a company of excellence, creating customer value, doing well to the first and in an attitude of capitalization of knowledge and continuous improvement of the Management System, as well as the quality of services provided and of their environmental performance
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